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The configuration logging database now has some commands within the Citrix PowerShell Snapin to help automate some of the tasks. The following 4 steps should make it a bit easier for you.

The following steps detail installing some of the XenApp 6 prerequisites via PowerShell. My preference when it comes to install any pre-requisites is to try and get them done prior to any installs.

Ever wondered how to remove that pesky Password Manager Console/Single Sign-On option when you launch AppCenter?

Prior to starting the XenApp 6.x install, modify the following file

If you need to install the AppSense agents as part of a sequence or other silent install, the commands below should assist. Replace with the URL of the AppSense Management server or the load balanced address.

Found this neat little tool from the peeps at Microsoft, available for download as part of the Account Lockout and Management Tools.

The guys n gals at the AppSense have been pretty busy over the last 12 months and one of the apps that have hit us is AppSense Datanow (formely known as Project Orca) and soon to follow they will be releasing AppSense MobileNow.

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