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Introduction to AppSense Application Manager
2/02/2016  |  Nathan Brown


AppSense further enhances and simplifies Application Control and Privilege Management.

AppSense Application Manager is part of AppSense DesktopNow suite of products. It provides a proven, practical and cost effective balance between IT compliance and user requirement and is used by thousands of organizations to simply:
  • Prevent users from installing applications
  • Manage user rights and privileges
  • Automatically block unknown malware from bypassing signature & definition based controls
  • Control when, where or how a user can access corporate application
  • Eliminate the need for local admin rights
  • Reduce application license requirements and costs
AppSense Application Manager is used in some of the world’s largest, most complex and most demanding computing environments and is validated by leading vendors such as Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware, providing AppSense with unrivalled experience managing a complex, diverse and unpredictable element of the corporate IT environment – the user and their applications.
Download Product Data Sheet (PDF)